Greek Islands Guide

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The Greek island of Samos, situated close to the Turkish mainland, is a mix of rugged mountain scenery and good beaches. With its picturesque harbours, it is best suited for those looking for a more relaxing holiday rather than the hectic nightlife found on some other Greek islands.

The island is famous for being the birthplace of the mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, who is best known for the Pythagorean theorem but was also revered as a great mathematician and scientist.

Samos town, also known as Vathi, is an old port that has developed greatly over the years, although it has not lost the essential Greek atmosphere. The town boasts a fine Museum of Archaeology housed in two buildings, and has a large collection of artefacts from ancient times. If you continue past the museum, you reach the upper town of Ano Vathi. This area with its narrow winding streets and neoclassical houses is a quiet residential area that retains a lot of it original village like charm.

Karlovasi, on the northwest side of Samos, is the second largest town on the island. The presence of a number of impressive mansions and churches supply evidence of the towns heyday at the latter end of the 19th century, but these days the town has a slightly “run down” feel to it, and is more of a residential town than a resort.

Once the capital of Samos, the town of Pythagorion is now the main tourist resort on the island. The large, picturesque harbour with its tavernas, bars, and tourist shops, is a popular mooring place for the many yachts that sail the area. The town was once known as Tigani, but later was named after Pythagoras, the famous Greek mathematician. The area has the remains of a castle, plus a number of other archaeological sites.

The beach at Megalo Seitani, which is located on the northwest coast of the island. is one of the best beaches on Samos, but is only assessable by either boat or on foot, as there is no road access. If you do choose to walk, you will be rewarded with some excellent views from the path that leads to the beach. The difficulty of getting here means that you may even get the beach to yourself. The beach is mostly made up of sand and small pebbles. Due to its location, there are no facilities, so make sure that you bring everything you need with you.


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