Greek Islands Guide

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Hydra is part of the group of islands located in the Saronic gulf, close to the coast of the eastern foot of the Peloponnese. The harbour area of its main town is one of the most picturesque in Greece.

Hydra, now a very popular tourist destination, was once a major seafaring community. Great wealth was generated during this period, and this is evident through the grandeur of many of its buildings.

Since almost all private motor vehicles are barred from the island, apart from walking and the use of local excursion boats that run between Hydra town and the most popular beaches, horse drawn carriages and donkeys have remained the most common ways to travel. This only adds to the charm of the island and provides a welcome break from the noisy motorbikes that are the scourge of the practically all the other Greek Islands.

The main town, known simply as Hydra, consists of a horseshoe shaped harbour, around which is located shops, tavernas, takeaway outlets, and quite a number of art galleries. Steep, stone paved streets lead up from the harbour area through to the town behind with its red tiled houses. The harbour area can become very crowded during the day as day trippers flock to the island but once the excursion boats have left the town reverts to a place where visitors and locals alike can relax, and enjoy their evening.

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