Greek Islands Guide

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Agistri is a small Greek island situated in the Argo Saronic gulf. The main town on Agistri is Milos where most of the islands inhabitants live, but most visitors stay in the village of Skala. A more traditional village named Liminaria can be found on the opposite side of the island. Agistri can be often missed by the visitor to Greece, although it is easily reached by ferry from the port of Piraeus and the nearby, much larger island of Aegina. Just above the village of Skala is Metohi, a small hamlet where a number of mostly German incomers have made their homes. Although Metohi may be considered by some to be unattractive, it does have a pretty church, with some stunning views of Skala, and beyond that, over the sea to Aegina.

Skala is easily recognised by the presence of the large church located close to the waterside. The sandy beach, is sheltered and the water shallow on the eastern side of the small peninsular that protrudes out into the water.

Skala is where most of the islands bars and tavernas are situated, and although mostly quiet during the week, things can become very busy at weekends and during the Greek Holidays.

Halikadha is a popular pebble beach and is designated as the naturist beach on Agistri. Apart from a cave in the cliff face, there is very little shade on the beach until later on in the day when the sun dips behind the rocks. The swimming here is good, but many visitors find it easier to where swim shoes as the pebbles can be hard on the feet. during the high season it is not uncommon for young Greeks to camp on the beach, or in the wooded area above it.

Agistri 4Limenaria, situated to the south and on the opposite side of the island to the main resort of Skala, is very quiet with very litle tourism. Here there is a much more traditional atmosphere. The main attractions in the village are the gold domed church, and a good taverna. that also sells traditional hand woven fabrics. If you folow the signs and take the route through the village, you will cross over some salt flats and eventually reach Aponissos with its rocky beach and attractive small islet. There is also a taverna in high season.

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